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Take control of your own domain!
Are you looking to make your mark? From connecting with family and friends to promoting your business to the world, having a website through AISO gives you the freedom to express your ideas through your own space on the web. Having your site hosted using solar power provides you with peace of mind knowing that we have invested in helping the environment. And with our online Domain Name Management system, you gain the flexibility you need to fully manage your domain.


Domain name register search

Create the Internet presence you want by registering the perfect domain name for your web site, click here to register a new domain name.


Domain name transfer

When you transfer a domain name to us, we will add on another year to your expiration date. Please make sure your domain name is older then 60 days, it is unlocked and you have received the transfer code from your current registrar.
Click here to transfer an existing domain name to us.


Domain Name Pricing

Here is our pricing for all of the TLDs we can manage for you.

Manage Your Domain Name
You can manage your domain name via our new control panel or Click Here to Manage the Domain Name you registered with us

Domain Contact Management
AISO's domain contact management allows easy handling of your domain contacts records (registrant, administrative, and technical contact).

Domain Access with or without "www"
All of AISO's web servers are configured to recognize your web address with or without the "www" heading, making it even easier for people to reach your site.

Private Domain Registration
With AISO's private domain registration, your name, address and phone number remain confidential. Stop spammers, telemarketers, data miners and anyone else who might misuse your personal data. Deter identity theft and fraud.
Please note: private domain registration is not available for .us domains.
Pricing: $5.00/yr. per domain

DNS Server Management
Choose your name servers, via the domain name management interface
Point your domain names to whichever domain name servers (DNS) you would like.

DNS Management
AISO's DNS management provides you with a reliable and simple way of managing your domains, enabling you to optimize the logistics of your web addresses and sites.

Pricing: Free

View your DNS record, via the web hosting control panel

View your DNS record to see the time to live (TTL), MX record, A record and more.


A record, via the web hosting control panel
Change your IP Address.


MX record, via the web hosting control panel
Change the mail server responsible for directing mail to your domain name.

You automatically Agree to the Domain Name Registration Agreement and AISO's Terms Of Service for your domain name when you register it or transfer the domain name to us. If you do not agree, please do not register the domain name or transfer the domain to us, and contact us.


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